Firmware Updates

Firmware update for the IOTAVX AVX1 7.1 4K / HDR Home Theatre AV Processor

To update the AVX1
Format a USB stick to FAT32, 16bit unit allocation (very important to check this as not all USB sticks are the same)
Put the AVX1.bin file in the root folder of the USB stick
Turn off the AVX1 using the switch on the back
Plug in the USB stick on the back of AVX1 upgrade port
Turn on the AVX1 using the switch on the back
Once the front button stops blinking, switch on the unit. The update will then proceed. 



Updates on HDMI 

Previous Updates

Please request older versions via email 

3.0.7, 3.0.8.

Fixed the PCM issue where some users were only getting PCM 2.0 now will play multichannel PCM
Fixed the last played device menu and functionality
Fixed and updated the Bluetooth functionality for future
Added better usability to distance menu
Updated the OSD and VFD displayed information
Updated some colour space reported issues
Updated HDMI reported issues

Fixed the "No Remote Device" on-screen display for Bluetooth

When changing from Bluetooth another source to send pause command the device so playback is paused