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Warranty & Services

The warranty commences on the date of retail purchase by the original retail purchaser and runs for a period of 5 years thereafter for both speaker drivers and cabinets. Electronic components within our speakers and otherwise are covered by a 2-year warranty. This warranty is transferable to any person that owns the warranted product during the Term. We will warrant any replacement product or part furnished against defects in materials and workmanship for the length of the following:

(i) the amount of time remaining under the original warranty, or

(ii) 120 days from your receipt of the repaired or replaced product. The duration described in this paragraph is hereinafter referred to as the “Term”.

A claim under this warranty must be made by you within the Term. A claim shall not be valid (and HifiPilot has no obligation related to the claim) if it is not made within the requisite Term and if it is not made in strict compliance with the following procedure:

1. You must call or email your authorised dealer and provide a full description of the problem. A serial number must be provided of the said product for which the warranty claim is being made.

2. In most cases, we ought to be able to assist you in easily repairing the products. It is usually a case of undoing a few screws and swapping out a part. We would happily send the replacement part out to you to self-repair under our instructions. Technical expertise isn't required and we will be available to assist via Skype. Please note, do not attempt to repair the unit or disassemble it without our prior consent. This will void your warranty.

2. In the event that a return of the product is required, You will be provided with a Returned Material Authorisation Number (hereafter referred to as "RMA")

3. You must ship the product back to your dealer with the packaging marked RMA clearly. You the customer are liable to pay the courier fee when dispatching to us. We will pay for the shipping back to you.  

Don't forget, always save the invoice/receipt, which must be presented for warranty obligations. In case of problems please contact us first via email or telephone. If a product is returned and no error is found by the service point the customer will have to pay the examination fee (usually about 60 - 80 Euros). In this regard, please note, service repairs can only be carried by our team. Any handling by unauthorised personnel will render the warranty void.