Bluetooth adapter (including aptX) - streaming in the highest quality

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The IOTAVX Bluetooth adapter is compatible with the IOTAVX pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers and allows you to stream music in stereo with the highest quality (including aptX codec) to the devices. The adapter is connected to the rear extension port, to which the adapter can simply be connected. Pairing with your source device (eg mobile phone, tablet or PC) is easy and intuitive. The Bluetooth adapter identifies itself as IOTAVX BT01 and can be easily selected in your source device. After the pairing process, you can stream and enjoy your music in the best quality on the IOTAVX preamplifier or the integrated amplifier.

Suitable devices: IOTAVX AVX1, IOTAVX SA3
Transmission: aptX, 48k 24 bit
Warranty: 2 years
Number: 1 piece