Nakamichi 7 Channel Power Amplifier

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This product has now changed to the IOTA AVXP1

The Nakamichi AVP1 is a High Quality, High Power, Multi-Channel Power Amplifier that offers 7 channels of class AB amplification with enough real world power to drive the most difficult speaker loads. With 150W RMS power per channel (8-ohm Load) the AVP1 is a perfect partner to the AV1 7.1 Home theatre Preamp/Surround Processor.

The Nakamichi AVP1 delivers power for the most ardent individual, delivers power with the most demanding of home theatre requirements without the slightest strain or loss of detail.

The Nakamichi AVP1 embodies Craftsmanship, Power, Innovation and Performance you would expect from a brand with this much heritage. We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service, the best after sales support and of course don't forget the most affordable solution out there.

You will not find a multi-channel power amplifier with this capability within this price range.

Amplifier Gain: 29dB
Input Sensitivity: 1.1Vrms, 47Kohm
Power Output:
250W with 4ohm load, 2 Channels Driven
170W with 4ohm load, All Channels Driven
150W with 8ohm load, 2 Channels Driven
110W with 8ohm load, All Channels Driven
Signal to Noise Ratio
Unbalanced Output: ≥107dB
Balanced Output: ≥110dB
THD+N: ≤0.06% (Rated Condition: A-weighting)
Frequency response: 10hz-60Khz (+/-3dB)
Power: AC110 to 230V, 50/60HZ
Power Supply: high output toroidal transformer with 90,000uF storage capacitance
Max Power Consumption: <1900w
Standby Power: <0.5W
Nett Weight: 32 kg/70.5 lbs
Gross Weight: 34.6 kg/76.2 lbs
Packing Size: 570mm x 616mm x 330mm
Unit Size: 430mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 200mm (H)
Supplied with RCA inputs and fully balanced XLR inputs
High-Quality Binding posts, accepts 4mm banana plugs or heavy gauge speaker cables